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Microsoft’s Halo Star Caught In Disgraceful Act

I was shocked to see this headline:

Master Chief sex crimeMaster Chief sex crime Hosted on Zooomr

Yes, as you can see in this past Saturday’s Bremerton Patriot newspaper, the star of Microsoft’s Halo franchise, Master Chief, has pled guilty to charges of trying to have sex with a woman (actually an undercover cop) and her 12 year old twins (a boy and a girl). Prosecutors say they will recommend a sentence of 7 1/2 years.

Guess you never know what people are capable of.

Okay, here’s the real story. And don’t try to tell me I can’t make fun of a pedophile.
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April 27th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Halo, Xbox, Humor | one comment

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  1. Exactly, I was wondering how he got it out of his heavy Mark V.

    Comment by Harsh | April 28, 2007

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