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Stats On How The Tech Industry Donates More To Democrats

Robert McLaws has done a great post looking at donations made by employees at major tech companies to the campaigns of 2008 presidential candidates. Not surprisingly, donations to Democrats outnumbered those given to Republicans by about six to one. Microsoftites gave the most, and gave more to Republicans than any other company ($10,950 for the GOP, vs. $30,088 for Dems), but Apple and Adobe were the only companies to give equally to both parties (albeit considerably less money).

I’ve done a post the last two major elections looking at how Google employees donate to campaigns, and the results have always been left leaning. Check out the numbers for the recent midterms, as well as the 2004 Presidential race. I really hope Robert updates his numbers for the 2008 election, because contributions are going to increase drastically as we get closer, and a lot of money is going to be thrown around. If he doesn’t, I probably will.

Todd Bishop has a similar article, breaking down donations by eight companies and eleven candidates.

April 30th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate, General | one comment

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  1. Actually, my article was based off of Todd’s research, FYI.

    Comment by Robert McLaws | April 30, 2007

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