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Windows Live Hotmail Has Great Unsubscribe Feature

Didn’t notice this in my wife’s account, but Windows Live Hotmail apparently has this cool unsubscribe feature. Legitimate email marketers (not spammers, but mailing list guys) can add code to their emails that reveals an Unsubscribe button in Hotmail, ensuring that users who don’t want their emails don’t add them to a spam blacklist instead of unsubscribing.

That’s a very cool feature, designed to seperate the good stuff you aren’t interested from the crap you never asked for. They’ve even improved the feature, sending the user to a page on the email marketers website where you can unsubscribe from specific mailing lists, not just all of them.
(Found on Findory)

April 30th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Hotmail, Windows | 13 comments

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  2. please unsubscribe .

    Comment by thu | July 8, 2007

  3. please remove my name from your faxing list
    Fax # 562 ) 904-0461

    Thank you will appreciate it.

    Comment by eliseo luna | July 19, 2007

  4. Please take my e-mail address and fax number (562)439-2282 off your list! Thank You

    Comment by Sam La Ferrara | July 23, 2007

  5. unsubscribe me, I’m 74 years old and I still married,don’t send me any comments

    Comment by alvaro molina | July 26, 2007

  6. Please remove my name from all communications with your website. Please unsubscribe me immediately. Thank you

    Comment by Betty Perkins-Carpenter | July 31, 2007

  7. Please unsubscribe me from Hotmail.
    Thank you

    Comment by John Carey | July 31, 2007

  8. please unsubscribe

    Comment by Lawrence Dargenio | July 31, 2007

  9. I do not like having the Windows Hotmail Live. I want my old Hotmail back!!

    Comment by Bobbi | September 17, 2007

  10. I like the old way I use to log on Anyone could view my email.

    Comment by candy | October 6, 2007

  11. I would like to unsubscribe my email address… How do I do it??

    Comment by Heather Dorsett | October 29, 2007

  12. I would like to be unsubscribed from the singlesnet website.

    Comment by joebaldwin | November 4, 2007

  13. hi, i am happily in a relationship, do not need dating sites to inhance chances of my fiance to believe im sneaking behind her back… will not loos my family over a site like that….. will very much appreciate it.. thanks. mike

    Comment by michael | November 11, 2007

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