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Microsoft Beats Red Hat 2.5 Times A Day, and Other Companies

Seeking Alpha has an interesting look at Microsoft’s profits. See, Microsoft makes net income of $55 million a day, $55 million of pure profit every 24 hours. They compare that to other companies, seeing how long it takes Microsoft to beat those other companies’ quarterly profits. For example, Microsoft beats Linux seller Red Hat every ten hours, Blackberry maker Research In Motion every 4 days, and Google every eighteen days.

Crazy stuff.

Yeah, Microsoft is a big, successful company. People forget that once in a while. It seems like, based on recent developments, the company is heading for great things, especially as long as Ray Ozzie is in charge. Microsoft might be becoming the place to be, once again.
(via Mithun Dhar)

May 1st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate | no comments
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