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Microsoft Rejects Drag Queen Xbox 360 Theme

A few days ago, pictures were floating around of an XBox 360 theme called “360 Queenz” that was going to cost 150 Microsoft Points and be the first theme to feature full-screen sexy women/eye candy. For those more mature gamers, who don’t want to stick SpongeBob all over their screen, this seemed like a not terrible idea, albeit a little risque, but Microsoft didn’t like it, and rejected the theme.

The biggest problem: A lot of people failed to realize that the “hot chicks” in this theme… might be guys.

I mean, a queen is usually a gay man, or a drag queen. Did no one look closely at these photos? They certainly could be guys (and I didn’t come up with this; a lot of people are asking that question). Maybe Microsoft made the right call.

Can you imagine, a few weeks from now? “Microsoft Distributes Pinups Of Drag Queens To Children”. Oy.

UPDATE: I talked to the people behind the theme, and they asked me to take the pictures down while they try to convince Microsoft it’s okay. Hopefully they do, because there’s no reason that mature people shouldn’t be able to buy mature content on the 360.

Also: They are women. Women with confusingly androgenous facial features, but that makes them no different from most models. Sorry I got sucked in by the stupid commenters at the gaming blogs, who were convinced these were crossdressers. I should have known better.

May 3rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox Live, Xbox 360, Xbox | 2 comments

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  1. You Dumb fuck, they are women. You watch too much Maury Povich. The cats that make the themes call themselves the Konsole Kingz, I guess they call their girl members Konsole Queens.

    Comment by You dumb fuck | May 3, 2007

  2. Man… These were very harsh comments Nathan.

    Comment by Jason | May 19, 2007

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