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Major Zune Announcement Monday

Microsoft is reportedly planning a big Zune announcement on Monday, possibly to announce a new version of its music player. While we all know there’s a Zune 2.0 in the works, everyone seems to agree that its too early for that (unless Microsoft is better than we thought) and that the most likely scenario is the reveal of the long-rumored Flash-based Zune (to compete with iPod’s Nano). Other possibilities are new features for the current Zune (like all the ones we thought we were getting last year), a red Zune, a higher capacity (60 GB/80 GB) for the regular Zune, or, practically anything, including no announcement at all.

May 6th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Windows Media, Zune | 3 comments
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  1. Perhaps they’ll announce that sales have finally hit double figures.

    Comment by paul haine | 5/6/2007

  2. So, was there anything?

    Comment by paul haine | 5/8/2007

  3. Nothin’. Looks like they were wrong.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | 5/8/2007

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