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The Portable Media Center Is Dead

Microsoft has officially killed the Portable Media Center platform, after three years of mismanaged and not supporting it properly. In theory, Portable Media Center, a universal operating system for video/audio players, was a great, or at least workable idea, but Microsoft never did the things necessary to make it work. To have competed with the iPod, Microsoft needed to issue constant OS updates, improving the interface and giving it new features, and instead, they did nothing, and now it’s dead.

I have two Creative Zen PMCs, and while I wouldn’t mistake them for a quality device, they were cheap and had a lot of capacity, and synced extremely well (most of the time) with Windows Media Center recorded TV shows. For that, I’ll miss the platform. Microsoft screwed the pooch with this one, and it looks like they aren’t moving fast enough on Zune either. Zune owners expect often firmware updates with cool new features, and I’m not sure they’ll ever get what they want how they want it.

May 8th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Media Center | no comments

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