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J Allard Dons Dreads For Lost PSP Bet

Yeah, that’s J Allard, architect of the Xbox, Xbox 360, XNA and Zune, wearing fake dreadlocks and holding a PSP. The picture is actually on his bio page at, complete with the story why. See, two years ago at E3, Allard made a bet with Newsweek editor N’Gai Croal, who said that the PSP would sell faster than the PS3.

Allard was so sure the portable system wouldn’t sell 10 million units in a year, he bet hair-versus hair with N’Gai. If the PSP made it, he’d have to wear dreads, and if it didn’t, N’Gai would have to shave his head to match J’s chrome dome. Obviously, the PSP made it (and did it in only 10 months), so there’s J’s ridiculous photo.

Being fair, he said if he won, J would never make anyone with such hard-grown dreads shave them. He says he’d have probably just cut one of them. Good for him.
(via Major Nelson)

May 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Zune, Sony, Corporate, Xbox 360, Xbox, Humor | no comments

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