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Halo 3 Zune Coming

Halo 3 ZuneHalo 3 Zune Hosted on Zooomr

Microsoft is releasing a special edition Zune to hype up the coming Halo 3 blockbuster. Expect to see it in June in very limited quantities.

Also, Engadget readers voted the Zune the worst gadget of 2006. Once again, the mob of iPod lovers wins over common sense. Maybe Zune isn’t a world-changing Gadget, but to say that it is the worst makes an arguement that you can’t win. I mean, it beat out batteries that explode and destroy expensive laptops!

It all reminds of the late 90’s, when lots of New Yorkers around me were saying “Mets suck” as the Yankees won almost every world series. No, they didn’t. Suck isn’t making the World Series one year, the NLCS the previous, and missing the playoffs by 2.5 games the previous two years. “Suck” is sucking, losing hundreds of games and being an embaressment, and it didn’t apply to the Mets then any more than it applies to the Zune now.

Saying the Zune sucks takes attention away from products and companies that truly suck, like Sony with the exploding batteries, Verizon with phones that cost $200 more than the same phone at other companies, Time Warner making new customers wait 20 days for an installation, plates from Macy’s that come broken out of the box, Dell laptops that overheat without hacking, cameras with features locked out by firmware, landlords that tell you you can’t use their laundry machine and a million other entities that piss me off because they actually suck.

Oh, and Windows Movie Maker sucks.

May 14th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Halo, Halo 3, Zune, Windows Media, Xbox, Xbox 360, General | one comment

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  1. Oh gosh, thank you Microsoft your greatness for making HALO 3 and now you can give HALO 2 to PC users like a childs hand-me-down. SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Ken | May 17, 2007

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