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Halo 3 Zune Coming

Halo 3 ZuneHalo 3 Zune Hosted on Zooomr

Microsoft is releasing a special edition Zune to hype up the coming Halo 3 blockbuster. Expect to see it in June in very limited quantities.

Also, Engadget readers voted the Zune the worst gadget of 2006. Once again, the mob of iPod lovers wins over common sense. Maybe Zune isn’t a world-changing Gadget, but to say that it is the worst makes an arguement that you can’t win. I mean, it beat out batteries that explode and destroy expensive laptops!

It all reminds of the late 90’s, when lots of New Yorkers around me were saying “Mets suck” as the Yankees won almost every world series. No, they didn’t. Suck isn’t making the World Series one year, the NLCS the previous, and missing the playoffs by 2.5 games the previous two years. “Suck” is sucking, losing hundreds of games and being an embaressment, and it didn’t apply to the Mets then any more than it applies to the Zune now.

Saying the Zune sucks takes attention away from products and companies that truly suck, like Sony with the exploding batteries, Verizon with phones that cost $200 more than the same phone at other companies, Time Warner making new customers wait 20 days for an installation, plates from Macy’s that come broken out of the box, Dell laptops that overheat without hacking, cameras with features locked out by firmware, landlords that tell you you can’t use their laundry machine and a million other entities that piss me off because they actually suck.

Oh, and Windows Movie Maker sucks.

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DreamScene Hacked To Run Under Other Vista Versions

It was almost inevitable that someone would attempt to hack Windows Vista’s Ultimate Extras to run under versions of Vista other than Ultimate. Now its Windows DreamScene, the software which enables you to run video wallpaper on Vista Ultimate, which has been hacked to run on all versions of Vista, from Basic, to Home Premium, to Business, to Enterprise. I’m shocked they could get it to run under Basic; you’d think it required the Desktop Window Manager.

Naturally, Microsoft issued a takedown, and anyone who posts links to the hacked package is just asking for trouble. Still, I’ve already found a copy, so if you’re truly desperate… Also, no word if this runs just DreamScene on other versions, or DeskScapes, too.

I think this might be fun to do, but it’d be far more useful to hack the Desktop Window Manager to run properly under Vista Basic, including Windows Aero and Flip 3D. Next thing you know, someone’ll hack the Texas Hold ‘Em game to run under other versions, instead of something more substantial.
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May 14th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | DreamScene, Vista, Windows | one comment

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Mozilla Taking Their Time Getting Mobile

APC Mag has an interview with Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker, and he basically said that Mozilla is looking into ways to serve the mobile section of the web browsing market, but plans to drag their feet a little longer. Microsoft has been producing an underpowered mobile browser for years now, but Mozilla has had an abandoned red-headed stepchild of a mobile browser, and Baker basically admits that isn’t going to change just yet.

What they are looking into is making a serious effort at the mobile space, some time in the future. They’ve been looking at the right way to approach it, nothing concrete and no product yet, seeing a way of sending data from PCs running Firefox to mobiles, as opposed to a pure mobile browser per se’. The idea is that Firefox users get a lot from their add-ons, and if those add-ons delivered data to a mobile device, that would be a way to bring a lot of value to Firefox users on mobile devices, without Firefox controlling the mobile browser side of things.

They seem to have acknowledged that getting your browser on a mobile device is very difficult, and practically a war between vendors, and that the better bet is to team up with current browser vendors to deliver Firefox data to their browsers. They mention Opera as being better suited to delivering browsers to carriers than they are, which could very well mean tying in these Firefox services with the Opera Mobile browser.

Consider reading the entire 12-part interview; there’s a lot of fascinating stuff in there.
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