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Microsoft Makes Madonna Song Available As Free Download

As a promotion for the Live Earth concert, of which Microsoft is a major sponsor, MSN is giving away a new song by Madonna, written for the concert, as a completely free download. The song, “Hey You”, is available at as a free download, but you can save the effort be a heartless bastard and get it by clicking on either of these links:

Hey You (mp3) | Hey You (wma)

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Red Cross Honors Microsoft For Katrina Assistance

The American Red Cross honored Microsoft with its Ernest Percy Bicknell Award at its Heritage of Service dinner Wednesday night. Microsoft received the honor for helping the Red Cross with major improvements in disaster response in the wake of Katrina.

Red Cross chairman Bonnie McElveen-Cross said, “We would like to take this opportunity at the Heritage of Service Dinner to thank Microsoft for helping to reunite thousands of families across the country through its innovative development of”. The Microsoft-developed site linked families with more than 250,000 important records needed to reconnect and resume their lives. Microsoft and employees also donated more than $10 million to help out.

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Microsoft Trying Multiple Searches On One Page

Windows Live Search is redirecting a small number of random users to a page at, a search engine that puts results from a number of Live searches on a single page. Searchers who wind up there will see regular web results, plus related searches, image results, local search results (with an embedded Live Maps map), news results, and links to movie listings, weather, and other things. Users beign sent there are typically those that click on banner ads and the such, as the page is designed to show off all the things Live Search can do, and contains a Flash tour of features.

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New Vista Battery Saver Application

If you didn’t like the old Vista Battery Saver program, since it didn’t follow Windows UI guidelines, or if you just want something more powerful, check out Tamir Khason’s Vista Battery Saver application. Not only does it shut off Aero on battery, it can also shut off the Sidebar on battery, and you can tell it to only shut off those functions if the battery goes below a certain level. It even can set itself to run on Windows startup, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

A must-have, and something that really should be built into the next Windows update. Download it here.
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