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Sometimes Microsoft Marketing Gets It, Sometimes They’re Dopes

Here are two Microsoft marketing videos posted recently by Long Zheng:

The first, Coach, is great:

The second, The Wow Starts Now, was clearly designed by the guys at Homestar Runner and their band “Limozeen“, a parody of truly awful heavy metal cliches:

The second one fails because it is loud and has no useful message. Sure, the coach in the first one speaks loud, but he’s funny, he’s talking about something of substance, and most importantly: He’s funny! There’s a lot of stupid, loud marketing out there, all of it created by people who really don’t understand or care to understand what the target audience thinks of their crap.

Here’s an idea: As a marketer, you need to assume from the get-go that everything you’ve done till now is crap, and use that as a starting point.

Speaking of stuff that does work, AdRants has good stuff to say about Microsoft’s The Break Up, and they also point out another great video in a similar vein, Truth In Advertising:

May 21st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Marketing | one comment

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  1. Well, the second video is more of a recap of the Windows Vista launch, it wasn’t really a marketing video like what the first one seems to be.

    Comment by Albert | May 21, 2007

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