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InsideMicrosoft Video Blog: May 30, 2007

Here’s my second video blog post since tearing up my hand, the first for InsideMicrosoft. The highlight is definitely the demo of the new New York buildings in Windows Live Maps 3D, so I think you are really going to enjoy it.


Google Video

Windows Live Maps adds 3D New York
Microsoft’s Fancy New 3D Map Imagery - Unofficial SEO Blog
Microsoft Live Takes New York 3D - TechCrunch
New York, New York in VE3D - Virtual Earth blog
Map Wars: Attack of the Killer Maps @ Where 2.0 - Peter Laudati
Map (Battle) of the Day:
Google Street View Vs. Microsoft Live 3-D
- Gothamist

Live Messenger 8.5 leaked
Windows Live Messenger 8.5 - Jordan Green

Leaked Windows Live Messenger 8.5 turns up more surprises - LiveSide
Windows Live FolderShare Beta - there is still hope - LiveSide

Windows Live Suite
Windows Live Suite on its way? - Neowin

Nudity delays Halo 2 Vista
Nudity the Cause for Halo 2 Vista Delay - Next Generation
ESRB Comments on Halo 2’s Naked Ass - Kotaku

Million Zunes sold, but not
A Million Zunes Sold - Slashdot
Update: Microsoft Hasn’t Sold 1 Million Zunes - BetaNews
Microsoft sold not 1 million Zune Players [Update] - I4U
One Million Zunes Sold, 99 Million to go - Gizmodo
Zune Has NOT Sold 1 Million Units - Gizmodo

Zune Marketplace gets McCartney
McCartney: Zune Scores, iTunes Misses? - Microsoft Watch

Also, if you missed the InsideGoogle video blog from Tuesday, check it out:

UPDATE: Since I filmed this, a new version of Windows Live Messenger has been released. I’ll be talking about that in my next video, which I will film today.

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