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Halo 3 Expected To Sell 4.2 Million In Six Days

Analysts at Goldman-Sachs are predicting Halo 3 will be bought by almost one-third of all Xbox 360 owners in its first week of release, moving 4.2 million copies (out of a predicted 13.2 million owners), earning $170 million for the company. Halo 2 sold 2.38 million copies on its first day, amassing an all-time record $125 million (more than any movie/DVD/book/CD has earned in one day), a record Microsoft would love to break, but will have a hard time doing.

In its first quarter, about six weeks, Halo 2 sold 7.5 million copies. Halo 3’s first quarter is only six days long, from September 25-30, and for it to sell 7.5 million in six weeks would be amazing, requiring half of all 360 owners picking up a copy. Microsoft is banking on this blockbuster to give the Xbox division its first profitable quarter, with just six days of sales enough to accomplish that.

June 6th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Halo 3, Halo, Xbox 360, Xbox | no comments

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