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Ballmer In The White House?

Sure, we’ve talked about Bill Gates running for President before, but a more realistic possibility has come to light, that of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer serving on the President of the United States’ cabinet. John McCain, one of the Republican front-runners for President in 2008, said at the All Things Digital conference last week that he’d consider Ballmer (as well as Cisco CEO John Chambers and Fed Ex CEO Fred Smith) for cabinet positions.

The Register (new slogan: Now Only 62% Bullshit!) claims McCain would want Ballmer as ambassador to China. As usual, The Register offers little context and a headline that contradicts its own story, while The Daily Background explains that McCain, when pressed, joked that Ballmer would be good as a diplomat, maybe in China.

June 7th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate, Humor | no comments

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