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Who Is Xbox’s Dad Of The Year?

Microsoft is running a “Dad of the Year” contest for Father’s Day, asking people to send in 250-500 word essays about their fathers (or legal guardians) to win a great prize pack. You can send in an essay about any dad, even someone else’s, and it needs to be of interest to the community and sent in by 11:59 pm Pacific tomorrow night.

The prize: And Xbox 360, Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive, the Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel, an extra wireless controller, a 64 MB memory unit, the wireless networking adapter, the Universal Media Remote, 2 Play and Charge kits, and a special metal lockable case for the system. All of this is estimated to be worth $1,048.98.

I especially like the FAQ:

Do I have to nominate my own father?
No. You can nominate your Dad, your brother, your best friend or husband or boyfriend. In other words, you can nominate anyone other than yourself who’s a Dad or legal male guardian. However, please make sure you have permission from such person, and share the Official Rules with them so they understand how the contest works.

Let’s say my essay wins. If my nominee is the Xbox Dad of the Year, why do I get the prize? Doesn’t he get anything?
Unless you are a minor in your state/province of legal residence, you get the prize because you did the hard work of writing the essay. Your nominee gets the respect and admiration of the Xbox Community, plus 15 seconds of fame on If you want to share your prize with him, that’s up to you.

June 8th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox | no comments

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