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MSN Soapbox Re-opens With Copyright Protection Detection

MSN Soapbox is now accepting new registrations, about two and a half months after it stopped accepting them due to copyright concerns. Microsoft stopped letting new people into the site, deciding it first needed an effective means of keeping a huge amount of copyright violations off the site before they wound up joining Google in a billion dollar lawsuit.

The latest update to Soapbox utilizes CopySense tech from Audible Magic to automatically filter newly uploaded material for copyright violations, giving them a fighting chance of detecting violations before they become a legal problem. CopySense is just the first step, with more tools to be released as well, according to the Soapbox team blog.

Now, maybe the Soapbox team can figure out why every video I’ve uploaded there recently has ended in failure. I’ve been doing some serious videoblogging lately, and I’m down with the S-box, but for some reason it chokes under the same circumstances YouTube and Google Video have failed. Their loss. Or maybe their gain. My lighting and sound are really bad…

June 11th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Soapbox, MSN | no comments

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