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Acrobat 8.1 Now Supports Office 2007

Adobe has released an update for Acrobat to 8.1. It adds a lot of features related to Office 2007, including a Preview Handler for Windows Explorer in Vista and Office 2007, a PDF printer driver for Vista, PDFMaker Office 2007 PDF Creation, and option to create quick and simple PDFs from Word 2007, and a PDFMaker add-in for Office 2007. The last one looks pretty cool, with PDF tools placed inside the Office 2007 Ribbon:


June 12th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Applications, Office | one comment

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  1. Microsoft Ultimate 64 this is meant to be a flag ship yet adobe acrobat 8.1 aint fixed, various other 32 bit software dont work, and the experience is like win 95 after converting from win 3.1

    Festa would have been a better name

    Comment by rob | 6/25/2007

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