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Live Search Adds Map Instant Answers

maps integration

Windows Live Search added a new type of Instant Answer: Interactive maps at the top of search results. If you search for an address or a place, Live Search should detect that and put a map of that place right at the top. Search for “map” and it will try to figure out where you are (based on IP) and show you a map of your current location. Add “traffic or “commute” and you’ll get traffic conditions in the map. The map is fully interactive, letting you move it around and zoom around with your mouse.

Microsoft isn’t the first to do this feature (Google has it, too), but it’s a very useful one, and the extra features should make it great for advanced users and anyone just stumbling upon it.

Funny, no maps in Opera. I wonder why?
(via LiveSide)

June 12th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Maps, Live, Windows, Search, General | no comments

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