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Xbox 360 Price Cut Rumors Getting Stronger

While Microsoft has been issuing denials left and right, the rumors of an Xbox 360 price cut have been stronger lately than in the entire short history of the console. The rumors have been of a $50-$100 price cut, which would bring the Core system down to the same price as the Nintendo Wii, or even fifty dollars cheaper.

Historically, the first price cuts come within the first eighteen months of a console’s life, and usually earlier than that. The original Xbox had a $100 price drop six months in, and another at 18 months. The PlayStation 2 had a $100 drop 18 months and three weeks after launch. As of last month, the Xbox 360 has been on the marketplace for 18 months, so it is overdue. Don’t be surprised to see a price cut before Halo 3 launches, to help make the game a serious system seller.

June 14th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox, Xbox 360 | no comments

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