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Windows Home Server Release Candidate Available For Download

Microsoft has made available at its Connect beta testing site the Release Candidate of Windows Home Server, its operating system for home central storage, backup, and remote access. Head to to sign up and download the RC.

Some things to know:

  • Home Server uses Windows Server 2003 drivers, so make sure your hardware is compatible with Server 2003 and three are appropriate drivers.
  • USB 2.0 is required for attached devices, because USB 1.1 would slow down the system (backing up to USB 1.1 hard drives would take forever).
  • Connecting multiple drives to a single USB controller can slow down the computer. Try to have a seperate USB controller for each drive.
  • Your system must have a DVD drive and be able to boot from it (external bootable USB DVD drives are okay).
  • Home Server can run on systems using RAID, but it is recommended you turn off RAID. Home Server uses a virtual RAID system that is more flexible than hardware RAID, so hiding individual hard drives from Home Server makes it less flexible and gives you less options for duplication.
  • Don’t install the Home Server Connector software between midnight and 6 am, because that is the standard backup time. Home Server will try to backup your computers while the software is being installed, which could create all sorts of problems.
  • Many standard Windows Server 2003 controls are available on Home Server, but not exposed to the user. Advanced users can dig in and activate them and take advantage of full Server 2003 features.

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