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How To Reduce svchost.exe Taking Over Your System

I keep Task Manager open all day, so as to better keep track of what programs are slowing down my computer and my work efficiency. The most common offenders are Windows Sidebar, MsMpEng.exe (Windows Live OneCare) and svchost.exe. In Windows Vista, you can right-click on svchost and click Go To Service(s) to see which Windows service is behind the slowdown. Often, it’s the service that powers Windows Update and BITS (Background Intelligence Transfer Service).

How to reduce this problem? CSMonkey has some suggestions from the OneCare forum, including making sure the services are starting properly, making sure they aren’t allowed to interact with the desktop, re-registering DLLs, and clearing a possibly corrupted Windows\Software Distribution temp folder. None of these seem to dangerous, so if Windows Update is causing you problems, it’s worth trying out.

What about other things that slow down your system? I’m frequently shutting Windows Sidebar to get back control of my computer. It’d be far more useful if Microsoft provided an application that showed which Sidebar Gadgets eat the most system resources so users could manage their Sidebar and actually afford to run it. I already spoke to one Sidebar developer about creating a Gadget to monitor other Gadgets, and he explained that it would be extraordinarily difficult for a third-party developer to implement.

I also close Windows Live OneCare all the time to get it to shut up. It jumps in usage all the time and grinds my system to a halt, and killing it via Task Manager is usually only temporary, so it doesn’t really make the computer less secure. I’d really like a way to make Plug and Play and DCOM Server Process Launcher calm down as well.
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June 20th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Windows | one comment

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  1. I use windows xp and svchost was making my life a nightmare, the same happened to a friend and he, after some research found an answer (

    Comment by yogisanchez | June 21, 2007

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