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Vista Security Tabulated At The 6-Month Mark


Microsoft security strategy director Jeff Jones has tabulated the number of bugs in Windows Vista reported after 180 days of availability (from the November business release through the end of May). He shows that Vista has had 27 security vulnerabilities, 12 of which have been patched, compared with (in their first six month), 36/33 for Windows XP, 273/214 for Red Hat Linux, 85/74 for Ubuntu Linux, 143/123 for Novell SUSE Linux, and 76/60 for Mac OS 10.4.

While counting security holes is an imprecise method, at best, and a pretty bad barometer at worst, it should help dispell anyone who insists Microsoft operating systems have all the security problems. Competing operating systems have plenty of security problems, as admitted by their makers when they are corrected, and acting like Microsoft is the worst is just ignoring the reality of the situation.

Read the full PDF report here.
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Joe Wilcox has significant criticism of the report.

Slashdot takes the pessimistic view that Microsoft has fixed less than half of the small number of problems.

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