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Internet Explorer 8 Beta Expected Later This Year

The Hotfix says that they have been told to expect the first beta of Internet Explorer 8 to ship around the same time the beta of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 does, sometime near the end of the year, or a little after SP1 ships. The IE8 beta will be released both for Windows XP and Windows Vista, although there will be differences between the versions.

June 28th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | XP, Vista, Internet Explorer, Windows, Applications | 2 comments

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  1. There are also differences between IE7/XP and IE7/Vista. They originally wanted to call IE7/Vista IE7+, but people opposed, and Microsoft listened - which was awesome.

    Think protected mode and the ability for parents to restrict their children’s web usage. (Or perhaps vice versa.)

    Anyway, I’m very excited to see that IE8 will be made available for Windows XP - I have no intention at all to migrate to Windows Vista, IE8 or no IE8. Time to upgrade my IE7-beta-feature-requests text file!

    Comment by Tim | June 28, 2007

  2. Oh man, I remember when I downloaded the beta for IE7. It messed up my computer so bad. I also had a ticket with Microsoft and one of their engineers worked with me for 3 days to figure out what the problem is. I finally had to format my HDD. Good thing that they did not charged me for the ticket (I think it costs around $60). But I was amazed by Microsoft’s customer support. They even called me after 1 week to ask me if everything is all right.

    Comment by Windows Vista Tips and tricks | June 28, 2007

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