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Xbox 360 Repair Service Says, “Forget It”

Micromart, a UK-based third party repair service for game consoles, has said that it will stop repairing Xbox 360s suffering from the Ring Of Death problem. Micromart says that the problem is too widespread and endemic to the Xbox 360, so they’re pulling out of repairing that problem because it is overwhelming them.

we play Xbox spoke to Micromart to ask them why they’ve decided to pull out of repairing the ring of death fault and they told us the problem is deep-seated and lies in the initial manufacturing of the console - they believe that every console manufactured prior to October last year will have the same problem with the lead free solder used with the GPU, which dries out in the heat and leads to overheating. This means thousands of consoles are out there with the same problem.

The Xbox 360 breaks down an inordinate number of times. I’ve lost two consoles in a year, though only once to the ring of death, and it seems to always have something to do with overheating and parts coming loose in the heat. Microsoft seems to have abandoned all hope of transparency in regard to it, which is the real shame. You don’t create customer loyalty by asking the customer to stick his head in the sand.
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June 28th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox | one comment

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  1. Well that pretty much sucks.

    Comment by kbeucke | August 4, 2009

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