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Already Some Real Good Home Server Add-ins

If you’re planning on getting a Windows Home Server in a few months, you’ll be pleased to know the community is already hard at work creting add-ins for the operating system. We Got Served has a list of eleven already, and some are really cool, like the ĀµTorrent one, that lets your Home Server download from Bit Torrent networks, keeping the work off your main PC.

There’s also a TiVo publisher, which sends music, videos and photos to a TiVo in the house, Photosync (which we’ve talked about), which automatically uploads photos on the Home Server to Flickr, and WebGuide, which lets you stream your media from a Home Server, and can connect to Media Center machines to stream Live and Recorded TV over the internet.
(via eHomeUpgrade)

July 19th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Home Server, Server, Windows | no comments

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