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Anyone Seeing Popups?

Michael is telling me that he is seeing popups whenever he visits InsideMicrosoft. Is anyone else having this problem? I need to find out if one of the advertisers/plugins here is playing dirty, if we’ve been hacked, or if I have to deliver to Michael the bad news that he might have spyware. If you have seen a popup on this blog, ever, leave a comment letting me know when it happened.

July 20th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Blogs, General | 14 comments

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  1. Havent seen anything today. But I have my popup blocker ON, on IE.

    Comment by Kandarp | July 20, 2007

  2. Turned off my pop up blocker. Tried multiple refreshes. Havent seen any popups yet. Will leave this window open for some time.

    Comment by Kandarp | July 20, 2007

  3. Nope, didn’t get any popups or attempts to block popups.

    Comment by NeuroticFish | July 20, 2007

  4. I had one blocked when I visited this post. I’ll enable pop-ups to see what’s going on.

    Comment by Civisi | July 20, 2007

  5. Popups are from

    Hope that helps.

    Comment by Civisi | July 20, 2007

  6. and brings up a page titled, “” and is located at

    Comment by Civisi | July 20, 2007

  7. I got a popup from

    Comment by Jaap Steinvoorte | July 21, 2007

  8. Hey Nathan,

    No popups here on this entry, the homepage or on 3 or 4 other entries I clicked around to to test, including the one with that comment.

    Comment by Patrick | July 21, 2007

  9. I think it was yesterday (7/20/07) or maybe the day before (definitely this week) I was on the site and saw a pop-up get blocked.

    Comment by Matt | July 21, 2007

  10. I am not getting any, and I dont recall ever seeing any on any of your blogs (and I have been reading for a while now :D

    Comment by Mortalmatt | July 22, 2007

  11. I had a popup blocked from this site today. I am using Vista

    Comment by Maggie | July 23, 2007

  12. No popups here.

    Comment by Spencer | July 23, 2007

  13. Using ie 6 with pop-up blocker on
    Went here:

    got this pop-up:

    plus others on return visits…

    Comment by james | July 23, 2007

  14. i keep getting that pop-up but its working all the time if i play a game it switches to desktop and displays the “search portal” web page its really annoying cant play any of my games do u think i got spyware

    Comment by 13ruceman | October 20, 2007

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