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Changes In Vista Service Pack 1

Long Zheng has aggregated all the public planned changes for Windows Vista Service Pack 1, based on various published developer documentation. Some of the more interesting ones:

  • No architectural changes - All appliacation compatible with the current release of Vista should work without a hitch on SP1.
  • Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) will only be supported on SP1.
  • SP1 adds support for 802.11n wireless networks. Support will not be added (at the OS level) to any previous version of Windows, including the initial release of Windows Vista.
  • Something about requiring a Linked Display Adapter to test display adapters/chipsets, implying some sort of lockdown in that area. Perhaps something about creating a secure path for DRM video?
  • ADDED: New Smart Card specification, supporting Secure PIN Channel for authentication.

I’d read the comments. Interesting how some Microsofties are now becoming as paranoid about delays as others are about the Justice Department.

July 23rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Vista, Windows | no comments

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