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Gears of War Soundboard, which features soundboards filled sounds from games, movies and other things, has a Gears of War soundboard up. Featuring classic quotes, like:

  • I don’t want to hear it man, not a word.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Group hug!
  • Get down here and see how much you like it. There’s room for one more, it’s a fucking party down here.
  • Shit!
  • Shit, yeah!
  • Hey!
  • Uhh, yeah. Suck it. Suck it!
  • Eaaaat it!
  • Bring it!
  • Fuck you.
  • Aaah. Just die, will ya!
  • Growl
  • Roar

All this and 203 others. Get it, now!

Other popular soundboards include Borat, Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen in To Catch A Predator (does not include “You were coming for seeeeex”), Anchorman, Saw, The Waterboy, Scarface and Duke Nuke’em.
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy)

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Mazel Tov, Bink!


Stephen Bink got married over the weekend. Congratulations to Stephen, who runs the excellent website, and to his new bride. Stephen’s wife gets the very cool alliteral name of Barbara Bink. Click to the post to see the full picture (looks like an a really nice wedding) and leave your congrats in the comments.

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Gatineau Finally Revealed With Screenshots

Dave Naylor has posted the first verified screenshots of Microsoft codename “Gatineau”, the in-development web analytics service that has sounded great but been shrouded in secrecy. Take a look at his screenshots:

Dave Naylor screenshot 1

Dave Naylor screenshot 2

Dave Naylor screenshot 3

You can see Gatineau built into AdCenter, funnels and goals, very interesting and great looking graphs, and demographic data (including gender).

Ian Thomas confirmed the screenshots, and has confirmed Microsoft’s biggest killer feature yet for Gatineau, the demographic data on your website visitors. If someone comes to your site logged into their Windows Live ID, Microsoft will use their own data on that person in your analytics report. You won’t have access to the Live ID date, or know who it was that visited, but Microsoft will give you aggregate stats like gender, age, that sort of thing, stats you absolutely can’t get anywhere else. I love it.

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Microsoft, Ask, Working To Improve Searcher Privacy

Microsoft and have announced they are working together to better protect the privacy of users on their search engines and other internet properties. Microsoft announced that user data collected from Windows Live Search will be anonymized after 18 months unless the user wants it held longer, and the policy changes are retroactive and apply to every country they operate in. That means that they are already removing user data from before January of last year.

Microsoft and Ask are going together to try to push the rest of the industry to enact similar policies. Ask announced AskEraser, which will go even further and lets users click to delete all of their stored history at any time, not waiting for the search engine to get around to it. Thusly, if you’re worried about what they know about you, you could click and anonymize your data manually every single day, or just tell Ask you don’t want it keeping any data on you, ever, ever, ever.

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Changes In Vista Service Pack 1

Long Zheng has aggregated all the public planned changes for Windows Vista Service Pack 1, based on various published developer documentation. Some of the more interesting ones:

  • No architectural changes - All appliacation compatible with the current release of Vista should work without a hitch on SP1.
  • Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) will only be supported on SP1.
  • SP1 adds support for 802.11n wireless networks. Support will not be added (at the OS level) to any previous version of Windows, including the initial release of Windows Vista.
  • Something about requiring a Linked Display Adapter to test display adapters/chipsets, implying some sort of lockdown in that area. Perhaps something about creating a secure path for DRM video?
  • ADDED: New Smart Card specification, supporting Secure PIN Channel for authentication.

I’d read the comments. Interesting how some Microsofties are now becoming as paranoid about delays as others are about the Justice Department.

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