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Microsoft, Ask, Working To Improve Searcher Privacy

Microsoft and have announced they are working together to better protect the privacy of users on their search engines and other internet properties. Microsoft announced that user data collected from Windows Live Search will be anonymized after 18 months unless the user wants it held longer, and the policy changes are retroactive and apply to every country they operate in. That means that they are already removing user data from before January of last year.

Microsoft and Ask are going together to try to push the rest of the industry to enact similar policies. Ask announced AskEraser, which will go even further and lets users click to delete all of their stored history at any time, not waiting for the search engine to get around to it. Thusly, if you’re worried about what they know about you, you could click and anonymize your data manually every single day, or just tell Ask you don’t want it keeping any data on you, ever, ever, ever.

July 23rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, AskJeeves, Windows, Search | no comments

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