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How To Tell If Your Xbox 360 Will Survive

xbox-360-fire-ring.jpgGAMER.BLORGE has instructions on how you can tell if your Xbox 360 has the new heatsink that should allow it to last a lot longer than the heatsink-less 360, which has been known to melt under extreme conditions. Or non-extreme conditions. Or in Alaska.

Anyway, the instructions are to flip your box over, get your digital camera all up in it, and snap a picture through the holes. They’ve got pictures showing you how to position it, so go read up and start having fun. If you’ve got a heatsink, rejoice. If you don’t, you’ve got the new three-year warranty to look forward to, since you’ll be taking advantage of that eventually.
(via Slashdot Firehose)

August 3rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox | no comments

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