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Microsoft Making Serious Web Server Gains


After three years of stagnation and ten years of trying to catch Apache, Microsoft may finally be close to taking first place in the web server market. In just the last two years, according to Netcraft’s survey of 127 million websites, Apache’s lead over Microsoft has shrunk from over 50% to just 16.7%. Apache has more inactive sites than Microsoft, with active sites leaving the gap at a mere 12.2%. Under current trends, Microsoft will tie Apache sometime next year.

While Microsoft has been gaining strongly and stealing market share from Apache, it isn’t the only one. Google has been taking a chunk of the market share, claiming 4.4% of the web server market. Yes, Google’s web presence is so large that, even though they don’t sell a web OS, their own websites make up 4.4% of all servers. That’s freakin’ crazy.
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August 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Server, Corporate, Open Source, Linux, Windows | no comments

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