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Windows Live Hotmail Goes To 5 Gigabytes

The Windows Live Hotmail team put out a big update today, giving free Hotmail account an amazing five gigabytes of email storage. While Yahoo has unlimited inboxes, Gmail offers a little more than half that with 2.8 gigabytes. And while Google just announced a program to pay for more storage, $20 a year for six gigs more, while Hotmail will double you to ten gigabytes for the same price.

The big inbox wasn’t the only news. They also rolled out in the update:

  • Improved performance
  • Changes into the amount of time junk and deleted mail are retained
  • The ability to merge duplicate contacts
  • An easier way to view blocked images
  • Phishing reporting
  • Support for right-to-left languages
  • Smaller header (devoting more page space to read email)
  • Automatic forwarding of your mail to other Hotmail accounts (paid accounts can forward to Gmail, Yahoo, or anywhere else)
  • Branded email hosting for universities
  • Accepting Outlook meeting requests in the Hotmail Calendar
  • Auto-replies for when you go on vacation
  • The ability to go to your inbox by default, instead of the Today page

LiveSide has some extra details, like the news that 200 million accounts are already using Hotmail, and many are switching over. There’s also a tool that helps you switch from other email providers to Hotmail, copying your old emails, address book, and notify all your old contacts of the new email. Looks like Windows Live Calendar or a web version of Messenger might be coming in the next few weeks.

August 15th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Hotmail, Windows | one comment

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