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3 - Home URGE viewsMTV has cancelled its music store, URGE, which comes built into every copy of the current version of Windows Media Player. MTV launched the service 15 months ago, with both MTV and Microsoft hoping the MTV name and the deep integration with Windows Media Player 11 would help it appeal over iTunes, but obviously that never really worked out. Microsoft basically gave up on URGE when it announced its own Zune would use a competing technology.

MTV announced a partnership with Real, which will allow current URGE users to move over to Real’s Rhapsody service. Rhapsody appears to use the same Windows Media DRM that URGE used, so it should be supported by the same music players as URGE. In a way, it’s a good argument for the multi-partner DRM system used by Windows Media over the single store system used by the Zune (and iTunes), since if a store closes, the users aren’t screwed. Closing a DRM store without a backup can be a costly mistake, as Google is learning.

August 21st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Windows Media, Media Player, Applications, General | no comments

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