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ODF Outnumbers Open XML 162,700 To 1993 On The Internet

My Opera web browser, normally the king of stability, crashed and completely screwed up my saved tabs, so I’m posting everything old right now, in order to set things right.

Genii Software looked at the number of documents on the internet in the Office 2007 Open XML format and the competing Open Document Format and found that there are 162,700 ODF documents in Google and 1993 Open XML docs.

Of course, their methodology reveals a major flaw. Open XML is a seven month old format, while ODF has been around for years. They show 149,300 for ODF in May, 162,700 in August, while 664 for Open XML in May and 1993 in August. That means Open XML triples every three months, so…

May: 664
August: 1993
November: 6000
February 2008: 18,000
May 2008: 54,000
August 2008: 162,000
November 2008: 486,000
February 2009: 1.5 million
May 2009: 4.5 million
August 2009: 13.5 million
November 2009: 40 million
February 2010: 120 million
May 2010: 360 million
August 2010: over 1 billion

While ODF should go up less than 10% every three months. Yeah, those numbers look so terrible.
(via Slashdot)

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