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What’s Happening With Silverlight For Opera?

I reported three months ago that Silverlight support was coming for the Opera, and it looks like that support is coming pretty quickly. In fact, the previous Opera release, 9.22, is supposed to support the plugin, and the release blog post says, “The Silverlight plugin should now work”, but it doesn’t. All users I have come across, including myself, have said that the Silverlight plugin is now identified by Opera and listed in the plugin list, but Silverlight applications do not run at all.

It looks like they’ve got the plugin working with Opera, but the plugin itself may need an update to actually acknowledge Opera and run there. Otherwise, it may just be that they’ve gotten Silverlight to work, but there’s a lot more bug fixing to be done, so it doesn’t run just yet. Guess we’ll have to wait for more info to know for sure, and to be able to use a single browser for everything.

Thankfully, the new secret beta of _________ runs very well in Opera.

August 23rd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Silverlight, Developers | no comments

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