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PS3 Getting DVR, But Only In Europe

Sony made a pretty cool announcement that should excite European PS3 owners, that the PS3 will become a Digital Video Recorder sometime early next year. Basically, PS3 owners will be able to pick up a DVB-T TV tuner for dual HD recording/viewing, and they’ll be able to transfer recordings to a PSP (as well as schedule recordings from the PSP).

Sony’s bringing a really cool feature for PS3 owners, one Microsoft expects you to get through your PC. In Microsoft’s strategy, the Xbox 360 is a vital piece in your digital ecosystem, while in Sony’s, the PS3 is apparently supposed to be the central piece (and for $600, I guess it had better be). I can’t say I’m not jealous of this, especially since I haven’t been able to get Media Center to work right in over a year, but as long as it’s Europe-only, tied to a $600 piece of hardware (plus an indeterminately-priced add-on), I’ll live without it.

Photo credit: drdement under CC license

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Get An Invite To The Windows Live Webmaster Portal

The folks at Windows Live are getting closer to a private beta of their Webmaster Portal, a site that will be designed to make it easier for webmasters and SEOs to keep track of what Windows Live Search is doing with their websites. In a blog posting to the Live Search blog, they said it will help you:

  • Troubleshooting tools to ensure MSNBot is effectively crawling and indexing your site
  • Sitemap creation, submission and ping tools
  • Statistics about your website
  • Consolidation of content submission resources
  • New content and community resources

If you want to get early access, send an email to and ask if they’ll let you in.

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Teen Almost Killed Trying To Make Xbox 360 Swim

A 14-year old, apparently the product of the North Carolina public school system, was not aware that water and electricity do not like to mix. As a result, when he tried to cool off his Xbox 360 by submerging the power supply in pan of water, he was electrocuted and knocked unconscious. Luckily, his mother came home and called 911. He regained consciousness before the paramedics arrived.

Thus, we learn an important lesson: Do your homework before you play video games!

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Windows Live Coming To Nokia Phones

Microsoft and Nokia announced an agreement bring Windows Live applications to the Nokia S60 phones in 11 countries. Customers will have the Windows Live Suite available on their phone, including Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger, Contacts and Spaces. LiveSide has some details and screenshots, including that Live Hotmail will not feature push email (it does have that on Windows Mobile phones), but that the phone’s camera can take pictures and video and attach them to emails.

The services included, from Phil Holden:

  1. Live Contacts. Once you sign in for the first time your Live Contacts is auto-magically synchronized within the address book of the Nokia device. As well as names, address’s, email and the other usual stuff what’s nice about this, and I think pretty unique is that the online presence and status of your contacts show up within the phone list. So now from within the device address book you can find whoever you want to communicate with and leverage the presence/status to determine the best way to reach them.
  2. Messenger. At sign-in you can change your online picture and your status. Once online you obviously can browse your messenger contacts and take part in multiple conversations as you would expect. What I love is that the services integrate features from within the phone, so when you are within a conversation you can send a voice clip, file or picture - either from the gallery or snap one with the camera. When I think about how powerful voice and pictures are this enables a great scenario for traveling: sign-in, find your friend and start conversation, then speak “hey honey, I just got into the hotel in Sydney, look at my amazing view” and then take a picture out of your hotel room of the Opera House.
  3. Hotmail. So here there is good integration with the Nokia email client and your Hotmail gets loaded into a separate folder within the client. Because the emails are downloaded they are available when you are offline. Right now your email isn’t synchronized auto-magically, but its a simple process to goto options, select sync etc. When you are composing an email, just like messenger the phone features are integrated so that you can insert a picture, voice clip, video or other phone right into the email message.
  4. Spaces. Not surprisingly there is good Spaces support. On Nokia devices there is an application called ‘online share’ which comes with plug-in’s for Flickr and Vox and now we added Spaces support. There is a simple process to activate the service by adding your Live ID and once that is done the Gallery is now Live enabled. It’s super easy, select the photo you want, goto options, open online service and it will promote you to add a title and text and the the image is load up to your blog.

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