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Vista DWM-Based Virtual Desktop Manager


Windows Vista’s Desktop Windows Manager brings a lot of power to the UI of Vista, allowing developers to access its APIs and create amazing effects and new features for Vista. It’s early, but I’d hoped more people would create cool Vista desktop hacks. One app that does exist is Vista Virtual Desktop Manager, a means of bring multiple virtual desktops to Vista with some nice visual effects.

The program lets you create an unlimited number of virtual desktops and switch between them using easy Windows key shortcuts on your keyboard (like Winkey + left arrow, Winkey + right arrow). What’s really cool is that it also taps the DWM thumbnail API, and by pressing Winkey + Z, you get a full screen window switcher, letting you see all the windows on all the virtual desktops, completely active (including running video), in order to choose which desktop to switch to.

Check it out on CodePlex (including the source), plus maybe you can help them with planned features, like Windows XP support (without live thumbnails) and Mac OS Expose-like features.
(via Kam VedBrat)

August 28th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General | 2 comments

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  2. Does anybody has tried ?

    Comment by martin | September 8, 2007

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