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Fess Up: Who Bought It?

I always try to link to products I mention here on Amazon, in order to earn a small referral fee if one of you guys buys something. However, if you click an Amazon link here, then go buy something else entirely, I get credit for that too, which results in me getting referral fees for some strange items.

So now, I want to know, who bought the “Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Microbrewery System”? On August 23, last Thursday, someone bought this $30 home brewery thing after following one of my links, and I want to know who it was.

Also, I’d like some of that beer. :-)

Seriously, if one of you guys bought a home beer kit from here, I’d love to see the final product. Let me know.

Other things people bought from here recently:

This one I wrote a post about, because $200 for what used to be a very expensive networked DVD changer was too good to pass up.

Another one I wrote a post about. This one is a peripheral used for navigating in Google Earth.

Ah, the Digital Rebel XTi

Okay, who’s on a fitness kick and bought the body fat tester

… and the pedometer?

Nine people bought that book? I don’t remember linking to it. Anyone want to explain how that happened?

Well, that’s been fun. Of course, if you don’t like paying for things, you could always get a free magazine or white paper thanks to our partnership with TradePub. Most popular there: eWeek, followed by Oracle, InformationWeek, Dr Dobb’s Journal and InfoStor. If you don’t like those, I’ve been reading TelevisionWeek lately, and it’s really interesting if you’re into insider TV stuff.

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