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Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Xbox 360 Semi-Wireless Headset/Headphones


Turtle Beach has announced their Ear Force X3 wireless headset/headphones for the Xbox 360. They’ve got a really interesting site on the headset, going into details about how it works. Basically, I call it semi-wireless because the wireless part refers to how it transmits audio from the game to your headphones wirelessly, but still needs to be connected by a wire to the Xbox 360 controller.

The headphones come with an IR transmitter that sits between the Xbox 360 and your TV, grabbing the audio signal and still passing it onto the TV through a pass-through cable. The headphones play the game audio in your ears, perfect for gaming without waking up the spouse, and they also have a microphone so you can speak to your teammates (which will wake her up).

Smartly, it even has a feature that boosts chat volume if game volume gets too high, so you can hear your teammates over the gunfire, and lets you adjust chat and game volume independentally. It also plays back a small amount of your microphone audio, in order to eliminate that thing where you yell into a microphone because you can’t hear yourself. It even has a suction cup and velcro tabs so you can clip the IR transmitter to the side of anything to get a better signal.

It looks like a solid product, and even if they didn’t eliminate the cable between the controller and the headset (and jacked up the price a lot more), it’s still a useful accessory for gamers. It’s supposed to retail for $100, but Amazon’s got it now for as little as $82.68.

Here’s a video Turtle Beach made showing off the headphones:

(via Engadget)

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