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MSN Election Podium Launches With Silverlight

MSN Election Podium in Silverlight

MSN’s Election 2008 website has launched a new section, called The Podium ‘08, which lets you compare the many different candidates running for President. The best part: The whole thing runs on Silverlight, and looks great.

Besides the great animated flag background (how can I make that into a DreamScene?), The Podium lets you choose a candidate at the top and get a list of Windows Live Search results showing the latest news on that candidate. There is a list of issues on the right (abortion, economy, environment, health care, immigration, Iraq and stem cell research), and selecting one of those will switch the results to those that will help you understand that candidate’s stand on that issue.
(via Sean Alexander)

I discovered a curious practice of Silverlight. Apparently, it automatically elevated the priority of Internet Explorer from Normal to Above Normal, and retakes the high priority almost immediately, even if you try to switch it. That is annoying and unnecessary, and if Silverlight can’t run properly without the high priority, then that is a flaw in the software that needs to be fixed, not hacked around.

August 30th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Silverlight, MSN | no comments

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