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Lazy Labor Day Link Post

Microsoft’s Art Of Office

Microsoft introduced this new “Art Of Office” website, a place for people to submit artistic documents created using the Mac versions of Microsoft Office. The idea is to show off how Office can be used by creative types to create stunning documents.

Some Mac users are angry that Microsoft took the time to develop this site at the same time Mac Office 2008 was being delayed.

Google Maps, Windows Live Maps & Others In Flash

Flash Earth now lets you use a Flash interface to get around Google Maps, Windows Live Maps (aerial and labeled), Yahoo Maps, Ask Maps (aerial and physical), OpenLayers and NASA Terra daily satellite imagery.
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I Beat Halo 2!

Just thought I’d mention that I finally finished the damn game. First game I played till the end in a while.

Halo 3 Goes Gold

Don’t worry about Halo 3 or some sort of unexpected delay. Microsoft announced the team at Bungie finished the game, certified the code, and sent it off to that big factory that prints shiny plastic disks for your gaming pleasure. Huzzah!

Halo 3 Countdown Gadget

Can’t stand having to wait three more weeks for Halo 3? Download this Gadget for Windows Vista’s Sidebar and stare as the clock ticks ever so slowly.

Family Guy Comes To Xbox Live

Xbox Live now offers downloads of episodes of the hit cartoon Family Guy, with all the episodes from the first two seasons as well as the straight-to-DVD “movie” for $2 worth of Microsoft Points. No other TV download store, including iTunes, currently has Family Guy.

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