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How To Fix The Photoshop Clipboard

photoshop-cs3.jpgFor many Photoshop users, there is a horrible bug in Adobe Photoshop that causes the program to stop importing from the clipboard. You’ll be using the software for hours or even days without a problem, and all of a sudden you won’t be able to copy and paste anything into it at all, with your only option to close and re-open Photoshop.

Thank god there is a solution, because this has been driving me nuts! I upgraded to Photoshop CS3 over the weekend, and the bug is ten times worse on CS3 under Vista than ever before.

The solution, found in a few user forums, is in the AlwaysImportClipbd_ON.reg file, contained on your Photoshop/CS install disk. Go to \Photoshop CS3\Goodies\Optional Plug-Ins\Photoshop Only\Optional Extensions or the equivelant folder on your disk, and run that file.

If you don’t have the file, don’t fret! It’s a simple registry file, and that means you can create it yourself right now without the install disk. Open Notepad and type:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Version 10.0 is Photoshop CS3. If you have CS2, use 9.0; for CS, 8.0; and for Photoshop 7, 7.0. Save the file as AlwaysImportClipbd_ON.reg, then double-click on it. That’s it!

Photoshop has an internal clipboard, so when you switch applications, it asks the Windows Clipboard if it has anything new to offer. Sometimes, Photoshop forgets to ask, and it needs to be closed before it starts acting normal again, but this fix forces it to ask all the time. This fix should work on all versions of Photoshop, from 7 through CS3, as far as I know.

Happy? I sure am!

September 5th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Adobe, General | 9 comments

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  2. Awesome fix, thank you!

    Comment by robert | September 11, 2007

  3. Thanks for the fix, this bug is really annoying!

    Comment by kristian | September 18, 2007

  4. Thanks a lot, this fix works fine :)

    Comment by Seba | September 18, 2007

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  6. Hello, the registry entry described makes no difference for me. I am running CS2 on WinXP.
    Photoshop will not paste anything, ever. When I choose ‘New…’ the clipboard option in the drop down box is always greyed out.
    However, I can cut and paste successfully between all other windows programs.
    Any further advice would be most appreciated.

    Comment by Ed | October 11, 2007

  7. Hi there. Thank you for this bug fix–it does seem to work for me, but it may have created another problem. I use a Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet, and ever since I updated the registry as you instructed, the tablet’s pressure sensitivity hasn’t worked with Photoshop. This is not a driver issue or issue with the tablet itself; the tablet utility still recognizes and accurately measures the pressure. Photoshop is simply ignoring the data. I’m not sure what to do about this, so if anyone has any information on this problem and how to fix it, I’d greatly appreciate it. =)

    Comment by Joe | November 11, 2007

  8. Just FYI, the The Intuos Tablet problem described above is not related to this registry script. I am having the same issue and and have not run the script mentioned in this blog post, so the two are not related. I sure hope there is a fix for that as well because it’s also driving me mad.

    Great to hear there is something we can do about the clipboard problem! Thanks for this info! I hope it works! :D

    Comment by Keels | November 16, 2007

  9. Works for CS 4!

    Comment by Steve | August 3, 2009

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