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Finally Got Windows Live Hotmail


Went into my Hotmail account and saw some great news: My inbox was running out of space. The reason why this didn’t suck? It meant Microsoft had finally cancelled my MSN Premium subscription and I could upgrade to Windows Live Hotmail!

I liked some of the perks of MSN Premium, some of the free stuff, but if you are going to ignore the needs of your customers and give upgrades to everyone but a bunch of paying customers, you don’t deserve my business. Goodbye, MSN Premium, hello three-pane AJAX goodness and a five-gig inbox (three gigs bigger than my MSN Premium inbox).

September 6th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Hotmail, Windows | 2 comments

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  1. As a Premium member myself, I understand your pain very well. I’ve been complaining and complaining; Microsoft’s response: nothing. Currently, like you said, Premium accounts have 2GB and free (you know, the ones people don’t pay for ;) ) accounts have 5GB!!! That’s just where it starts, we also don’t get to use Windows Live Hotmail, but we still get the damn “Upgrade Now”-like messages (!3A485499112E425D!709.entry), which add to the pain. I’m beginning to lose hope…

    Comment by Albert | September 6, 2007

  2. It is a joke - as of today my Outlook express does not connect to my Hotmail account. “Windows Live” - my new service - that has prevented me using my email on my PC - has no info on how to connect with Outlook Express - the special help button returns 0 items if you search for “Express”, or “pop”

    Absolutely HOPELESS. Who are these jokers - not the biggest software company on Planet Earth? What are they playing at?

    Comment by George Taylor | November 12, 2007

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