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Master Chief In Wax; Chance to Play Halo 3 Early


Madama Tussauds’s in London, the world-famous wax museum, is preparing to unveil on Saturday a 7-foot 2-inch wax figure of Master Chief, the star of Halo. The Chief, who will be hitting stores in Halo 3 in a couple weeks, will be the first video game character to warrant a was figure in the 250-year history on the museum (though it would be hard to find popular video games in 1800).

The photo above was posted to GamerTagRadio from someone present during the creation process.

Also, you’ve got a chance to play Halo 3 next week and get a copy of the game a day early at events in SF and New York next week. Go to this website for tickets to the event, where you will get to play the game, and maybe be one of 1,000 to get a copy of the game on 9/24, a day ahead of the official release.

UPDATE: Here’s the first photo of the Chief in wax (or clay or something), along with some guy from Fallout Boy:


Joytiq’s got his vital stats:

  • 7 foot 2
  • 275 pounds
  • 892 man hours of work
  • ten artists
  • 1,000 pounds of clay used in all
  • Currently only seen at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, though he may be traveling eventually

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Hot Or Not Vista Sidebar Gadget


If the one thing your Windows Vista Sidebar isn’t giving you are enough pictures of hotties, then you need to install the Hot Or Not Sidebar Gadget for Vista. It shows you a new picture of either a guy or girl every 5/10/20/30/60/120 seconds. Click the photo to see the member’s profile at

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Microsoft Announces New Media Center Extenders

Microsoft, after what has to be more than a year of speculation, finally released some news about the new Media Center Extenders, which allow you to stream music, pictures, video, live and recorded TV from a Media Center PC to set-top boxes all over the house. New devices have been announced from Linksys, D-Link and Niveus Media, incorporating new features like:

  • Support for new media formats, including DivX, Xvid, Windows Media Video HD and H.264
  • First Extenders (not including Xbox 360) to stream HDTV and in high definition and protected HD content
  • HDMI and 1080p to support that HD video
  • New wireless networking options, including 802.11n
  • The new technology can be built into more than set-top boxes, but also into DVD players and new TVs
  • Support for up to four CableCARDs (up from 2)

New Extenders will be demonstrated at CEDIA in Denver over this weekend, as well as at Digital Life in New York at the end of the month.

The Xbox 360 is not getting the new codec support, even though it presumably has the necessary power to do so. Considering all the free features the Sony PlayStation 3 offers that 360 owners have to pay for, you’d think that Microsoft would workt to give owners at least some new codecs.

Engadget says that, because of less processing power, the Extenders don’t perform as well (mostly in terms of interface animations) as the Xbox 360 does. Of course, if the 360 does a better job, why can’t it get more codecs?

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Silverlight 1.0 Final Released


Microsoft finally released a “gold” version of Silverlight, announcing Silverlight 1.0 (the version without .NET) is ready for its full debut. Along with it, they confirmed a deal with Novell to complete Moonlight, the Linux version of Silverlight (bring 100% compatibility for Windows, Mac and Linux) to Linux browsers Firefox, Konqueror and Opera.

To go with the release of Silverlight 1.0, Microsoft announced some new partners. They include wrestling giant WWE (pictured above), Major League Baseball, the Home Shopping Network, Entertainment Tonight, among others.

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