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Google Allowed To File Brief In Microsoft Antitrust Case

Ars writes about how a federal judge has allowed Google to file a brief in Microsoft’s case to put an end to five year’s of government oversight. Google’s brief says that Microsoft’s antitrust decree should be extended because the company has failed to comply to Google’s satisfaction in regards to Windows Vista’s search functionality.

With the DoJ and 17 states’ attorneys siding with Microsoft on the matter, Google doesn’t seem to have much hope of pressing the issue in terms of Microsoft’s compliance with the consent decree. While Judge Kollar-Kotelly’s decision is largely procedural, it is another cog in the wheel of a dispute that will likely extend beyond the November expiration of complete DoJ oversight. Google has indicated in the past that it won’t give up the fight until it has run out of angles to pursue.

September 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Google, Law | no comments

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