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Windows Live Search 2.0 May Be Coming

Word is Microsoft might be unveiling Windows Live Search 2.0 at an event announced for the end of the month. On September 26, Microsoft is holding a Searchification event at its Silicon Valley campus that, according to the email I got, will feature “a discussion on the future of the product” as well as “informal product demos and discussion with the development team”.

Mary Jo Foley says that the event may have the launch of the next version of Live Search. If not, expect new personalization for Live Search, Windows Live Calendar, integrated location/presence/calendar service, integrated social network/search/annotation (ratings/reviews), or integration between Live Search and Outlook, or something else, hopefully something very exciting.

UPDATE: Looks like they demoed Live Search 2.0 at the big Microsoft company-wide meeting. Commenters at Mini-Microsoft’s blog say that the Live Search stuff being shown off innovative and surprising. Should be an exciting month.

I also recommend reading the stuff at LiveSide about the demo for Windows Live Photo Gallery, and the way the presenter botched it and then embarrassed the program manager and called him onstage. Somebody deserves an apology…

September 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Windows, Search | no comments

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