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Microsoft Prepping Halo 3 Launch Festivities

Some news coming through about the runup to Halo 3:

Brand Week has a story about the $10 million marketing blitz that will be building like crazy in the coming weeks. This week, expect a new TV ad series titled “Believe”, with fellow soldiers testifying to the greatness of Master Chief. Mountain Dew has a soda, and 10,000 stores will be opening at midnight to present the game to diehard fans as Microsoft strives to sell more than $125 million worth of copies.
(via Kotaku)

Xbox 360 Fanboy lists the four major launch events at Best Buys in New York and Seattle, a Gamestop in LA and a Circuit City in Miami, with big parties and chances to play the game and win stuff. Also, there will be special activities and promotions, free 3-day Live Gold cards for everyone, a chance to win a Pontiac, Marketplace goodies, Game With Fame sessions, and a Halo 3 NASCAR car. Read more here.

And there’s something about Wal-Mart having “special checkout lanes“.

UPDATE: I missed a part of one of the articles that mentioned that the 3 days of Xbox Live Gold will not be a coupon, but rather that everyone will be getting free Live from September 25-27. Nice! Of course, I’ll be too busy playing the single player campaign to take advantage of it.

UPDATE 2: There’s now a Best Buy-sponsored theme and picture pack for Halo 3 on Xbox Live, completely and utterly free. Also, Best Buy is sponsoring the three free days of Live.

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