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Halo 3: Finding Skulls, Multiplayer Info, and Leaks

If you are playing Halo 3, you might know that there are skulls scattered throughout the game that you can collect for extras and higher scores. If you want some help finding them, watch this video (and if you don’t want spoilers, just don’t click play):

Also, if you want a detailed article explaining everything about Halo 3 multiplayer, including matchmaking and matchmaking playlists, vetoes, experience points, Bungie’s got some good reading for you. And if you’ve got a modded console and desire to steal the game, apparently it was leaked and available on file sharing networks before the game even hit store shelves.

October 1st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Halo 3, Halo, Xbox 360, Xbox | one comment

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  1. dude does it have to be on legendary?? second do u have to do some kind of trick for the skull to appear? zneed help

    Comment by my gametag o bugz o | October 4, 2007

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