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Some Halo 3 Remainders

Some left-over stories relating to Halo 3:

Nathan Sawaya, a Lego artist, created this Master Chief out of Lego:

Or take a look at these Halo 3 flash drives:


From Mimoco, these Master Chief USB drives come in 1, 2 and 4 gigabyte sizes, for $50, $70, and $110 respectively, and you can get them in blue, red or traditional Master Chief gray. The gray is part of a 5,000 unit limited run, while the red and blue will be 3,000 units apiece. Buy them here.
(via Engadget)


Then there’s this Halo 3 Flash cartoon, about three guys running to get their copy on launch day. Pretty funny. Hit “1″ just as it starts, or you won’t get the English subtitles.
(via Digg)

Then there’s this statue of John P. Harvard, which some MIT pranksters dressed as Master Chief. Beautiful.
(via Joystiq)

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